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Who says you can’t draw cats?

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No country for older women

Michael Burge Media

“The strategy behind the casting of younger women will take some explaining.”

IN February, Foxtel and Fremantle Media Australia announced the casting of an eagerly anticipated television adaptation of Picnic at Hanging Rock, Joan Lindsay’s 1967 Australian novel about a group of schoolgirls and their governess who go missing at a local rock formation on Valentine’s Day, 1900.

This fictional story was hauntingly filmed in 1975 by director Peter Weir, a production often credited with putting Australian movies back onto international screens after a decades-long hiatus.

CASTING COUP? Natalie Dormer, cast as Mrs Appleyard in the remake of Picnic at Hanging Rock.

I stumbled on the casting announcement late and immediately sought reactions in the media about one quirk in the production that is currently filming: there are no older actresses in the series.

But nobody seems to have commented that the producers are taking considerable licence with Joan Lindsay’s characters.

Cast as the widowed, expatriate English headmistress of the young ladies’…

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God and Tithing — Ærchies Archive – Digital Detritus

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This Planet Earth II Extended Trailer Will Give You Chills — TwistedSifter

A decade ago, the landmark television series Planet Earth redefined natural history filmmaking, giving us the ultimate portrait of life on Earth. Planet Earth II, narrated by Sir David Attenborough, will reveal our planet from a completely new perspective, using significant advances in both filming technology and our understanding of the natural world. …

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One Nation Voters – Hope. Fear. Racism. — polyfeministix

This is the second blog in a series to discuss how the One Nation Party leaders promote themselves compared to who they really are. This article will seek to understand how One Nation uses Hope, Fear and Racism to gain voters’ trust.

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Sailboat in Monterey Bay

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