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Society needs to be free from our mainstream media – the puppets of our plutocracy – free to think for ourselves



The way this is worded – “designed to ensure a system of criminal legal aid that delivers value for money to taxpayers” – (from a Tory towards the end of thisarticle) is to make law abiding ‘hard working tax payers’ hate ‘criminals’* regardless of who, why, what, etc.

(*a debatable term given that our laws are made for the benefit of the ruling elite, to which the Tories are taking us back centuries with their draconian laws, see – herefor a pertinent example)

They (the ruling elite, through their puppets and co-oppressively plutocratic megalomaniac despots, the Conservatives and mainstream media) are trying to engineer an attitude where those in society that don’t break the law/get caught – as most people break the law in some way or another – hate those that do break the law/get caught. So that people have an attitude of -

‘They don’t deserve…

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The etymology of Social Security: From Safety and Care to Disdain and Unworthiness

Source: The etymology of Social Security: From Safety and Care to Disdain and Unworthiness

Obama’s heartbreaking words in Addis Ababa

Obama’s heartbreaking words in Addis Ababa.

Who Are The People Smugglers?

Who Are The People Smugglers?.

Hi or An Introduction to An Anxious Individual Desperately Trying to Heal Himself Before He Loses His Shit

We have a people problem

Random Observations of Life

We have a problem. A people problem to be precise.

As I have been discussing of late, it is clear the human locusts are overgrazing the planet. We need to slow our breeding.

This is all very well and good, of course, but in order to do that we will shift the age distribution of the population. We live longer.

Based on United Nations projections, global population growth isn’t slowing as fast as we need.

Population Projection

Year 1950 1975 2000 2025 2050
2,519,495.1 4,065,508.1 6,056,714.9 7,936,740.8 9,322,251.2

I have sourced these figures from a report prepared for the 2002 World Assembly on Ageing. There is considerable regional and age data available in that report – I have concentrated on a summary view.

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It’s a bird, It’s a plane, NO, it’s #SuperNewman

It’s a bird, It’s a plane, NO, it’s #SuperNewman.

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